Ly & Company
Chartered Certified Accountants
Are you a small business owner, self employed, contractor or subcontractor looking for bookkeeping or accounting solution? At Ly & Company we provide accountancy and bookkeeping services to all size of businesses.We are based in London and our clients include sole-traders, partnerships,companies, subcontractors, etc.

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We always make you feel welcome, in person and on the phone
We always act with integrity and honour our commitments to you at all times
We always explain the accounts and tax matters clearly and spend as much time as necessary to help you
We always use tax efficient techniques while preparing the accounts
We remain fully compliant with HMRC rules and regulations at all times
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Ly & Company Ltd (Company Registration Number: 8138661)
Veritas, Unit 2, 63 Jeddo Road
London, W12 9EE
Tel:  0203 3632 5804,

Ly & Company
Chartered Certified Accountants